Odes for Rhiannon

Posted by Heron Heron
Words at a Shrine

Rhiannon, it is your presence
That brings me here
Not to meet you, for you are always near,
But to greet you in this special place
Set up for you to mark your presence
In my life.

I feel you close; your hair,
Your leather harness as you ride
And I ride with you, near and far;
As you approach, go by, and onward,
Pass to Otherness yet remain
A living presence to my senses
Even when far – never more
Than a breath away from here.

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Re: Odes for Rhiannon


Palpitations at hoofbeats pounding – near or far? –
at the limits of listening,
susurrations of your birds’ singing;
such shifts of awen’s gifts you bring.