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Words at a Shrine Rhiannon, it is your presence That brings me here Not to meet you, for you are always near, But to greet you in this special place Set up for you to mark your presence In my life. I feel you close; your hair, Your leather harness as you ride And I ride with you, more
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Epona had a feast day on 18 December in the Roman Calendar ‘XV Kalendas Ianuarius Eponae’ * *15 to the first day of January [from] Epona’s [day]. (An inscription from Cisalpine Gaul)
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White horse in the mist of dawn; I saw this in a vision but Don't know if any horse was there - it could have been a real one Which lack of sleep made strange, I can't say - but such creatures speak Of things deeper than these things might seem, and yet remain a dream.
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